A Big Job

I decided it was finally time to stain and preserve the wood used in the construction of the chicken run.

I bought some transparent stain to paint the frame and got to work Sunday.

Boy did I underestimate the time and trouble it takes to stain the wood. Every surface needs to be covered and plenty of it is hard to reach.

I hauled all the gear into the coop, and one of the chickens escaped while the door was open.

Then the girls started pecking my shoes, my jeans, my hands. They’re so well-trained to expect treats when I go into the pen, they were flummoxed not to get anything except “shoo, shoo, shoo.”

And I was distressed - I had stain on myself, in my hair, on the step ladder. I even dripped some on Peachy’s head!

She shook her head and ruffled her feathers, it must have felt odd.

I worked for most of Sunday morning and I’m not close to being finished.

Actually it’s a mess, half stained, half not. I wish I would have left it alone, just let the wood weather and gradually rot in place.

Now I have an eyesore.