Tomorrow is the Day

The Tour de Coop is tomorrow and the hens and I are pumped. Well, at least I am.

The girls don’t know it yet, but they’ll be getting plenty of snacks as encouragement to do “tricks.” Which will consist of mainly hopping in the air to pluck a treat out of my fingers.

Sometimes they miss and pinch my fingers (Ouch!).

I’ll feed them crusts of bread and past-their-prime grapes, both special favorites.

There are five coops on the tour, mine is the last one and there will be door prizes, then everyone is invited to stop by the Food Co-op to celebrate their 40th year of business.

I’ve been primping up the gardens so if anyone gets bored looking at the chickens they can peruse the flowers. They’re looking pretty nice, though a tad past their prime.

Hope to see you there!