Thank You Dottie!

The second graders Dottie and I visited wrote thank you notes.

Many of them also drew little pictures of chickens, eggs and me.

I found the answer to their questions: What is the red thing on the top of their heads for?

Its comb is an indicator of health. The comb and wattle - the red piece under their chin is used to cool the chicken down in hot weather.

As for the other question - do chickens fart? They do.

Chickens pass gas through their mouths - it’s called tayloritis.

Good to know for my next classroom visit.

Here’s a sample thank you note. I’ll type it as it was written, see if you can figure out what it says.

Dear Miss W

Thak you for coming in with yore cikin it was rilly fun and I thot the cikin was cote. I hope you come in agan with a bihrit oen gins you have six mor. I will tell my mom buy a cikin.

if you figure it out let me know!